Let your
conversations flow

Modal is the conversational platform for online food brands

The future of commerce is here, and it's conversational.
Modal lets you power 1:1 customer conversations at scale.

0 million
UK households active daily on Alexa with utilisation growing by a third since start of 2020.
0 billion
connected IoT devices from smart TVs, mobiles, speakers & in-car assistants.
0 billion
messages are sent between brands and customers each month on Facebook Messenger alone.

Your customers expect to buy through any channel, at any time, at any stage of the customer journey. Let them.

Customer Experience

Be in the moment your brand is needed. Treat every customer like a VIP.

Management Tools

Superpower your front line team and drive tangible business results.

Understand what your customers really want.
And how well you deliver.

See what your customers intentions are in real time and see how well you’re fulfilling them. All data points and analytics are available instantly and on demand, just ask Modal.

Modal has the category-defining tool to reshape the way brands interact with their customers. Conversation is what we do best.

Train your brand's central conversational brain to build lasting customer relationships via all the main conversational channels.

A plug and play system to integrate virtual assistants and chat apps to shop and CRM backends for food & drink brands.

Vinoselección use Modal to setup and run their fastest growing sales channel in UK

Vinoselección is Spain’s leading wine e-tailer. Since being founded in 1973, the company has always pioneered new channels to market: first catalog sales, then telephone sales, and then e-commerce.

That is why in 2020 Vinoselección used the Modal platform to pilot the world’s first ever voice commerce experience for wine on Alexa. Features of the skill include voice based browsing, ordering, tracking, and even guided wine tasting experiences via Alexa. All in both English and Spanish and live in both markets.


Respond on demand in the moment to your
customers and front line team, via any of
the major conversational channels.

Test & Learn
Channel Development System

Drive revenue and customer loyalty on new
channels through embedded experimentation.

Customer Service as a
Profit Centre

Understand and fulfil your
customer's intentions at every point of their
journey from awareness through ordering,
loyalty, and advocacy.